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Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a page

break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer.

1. With a USB keyboard, you’ll be able to enter commands as soon as

A. the power switch is turned to ON.

B. the Windows OS loads the USB driver.

C. the Windows logo screen displays on the monitor.

D. a single beep tone is heard.

2. The best place to store a heavy object such as a display monitor is on

A. a shelf about six inches above the floor.

B. a shelf about five feet above the floor.

C. a shelf about waist height.

D. the floor.

3. You turn on your PC and it begins to power up but fails to reach the point where your operating system

screen is displayed. Which of the following tools might help you to troubleshoot the problem?

A. Multimeter

B. Diagnostic software

C. RS-232 minitester

D. POST diagnostic card

4. Complete this sentence with the most accurate statement:

“Magnetized tools in PC repair

A. help keep your toolbox organized.”

B. facilitate the process of starting screws and fasteners.”

C. make it easier to retrieve small parts that fall into the body of the computer.”

D. should never be used.”

5. You can reboot a PC from a floppy disk drive using

A. a virtual RAM drive.

B. a specially formatted Windows Start Up diskette.

C. any hard shell diskette with a sliding cover.

D. a blank IBM high density diskette.

6. To make a warranty claim on a defective PC, which of the following pieces of information is not


A. Model

B. Original invoice

C. Sales person’s ID number

D. Serial number

7. You’ve just completed setting up your system and turned the power on. As the system begins to boot

up, it suddenly stops and displays a message indicating that it can’t detect a component. What should you

do next?

A. Check that all cables between the system unit and components are securely attached.

B. Call an electrician.

C. Look inside the system unit for loose or broken wires.

D. Ship the system back to the manufacturer with a written description of the problem.

8. Which of the following PCs should you use to practice making repairs?

A. A Pentium 233 with Windows XP installed

B. A Pentium III in good condition with Windows 98 installed

C. Your own personal PC

D. A 486 in good condition with Windows 9.x installed

9. Which of the following tools has three wire claws that can be extended to pick up and hold parts?

A. Parts retriever

B. Hemostatic forceps

C. Long-nosed pliers

D. Ratchet driver

10. What type of computer retailer can usually offer lower prices because they don’t have the overhead of

storefronts and warehouses?

A. Electronics stores

B. Computer superstores

C. Mail-order vendors

D. Computer dealers

11. What component in the PC poses the greatest danger to you from electrical shock?

A. Hard drive

B. Power supply

C. System board

D. Peripheral device port connector

12. What multifunctional item should be in every PC repair tool kit?

A. Circuit boards

B. Rear vent

C. Floppy drive

D. Paper clip

13. Control and security of PCs, parts, and components in your work area is best achieved by

A. maintaining a complete and accurate log.

B. good physical organization.

C. keeping PCs and components in separate areas.

D. engraving all items with your social security number.

14. An antistatic wrist strap is

A. worn on the dominant hand.

B. essential in protecting you from electrical shock.

C. needed only when working on monitors.

D. used to prevent damage to sensitive electrical components.

15. If an error message is displayed on your monitor during operation of your PC, what should you do first

in an attempt to resolve the problem?

A. Check the manufacturer’s Web site.

B. Check your system documentation.

C. Seek professional assistance.

D. Try changing system settings you think may be related to the problem.

16. Two PC repair technicians are discussing tools. Technician A says that it’s best to buy multiple sets of

less expensive tools in case you lose them. Technician B says that a common slotted screwdriver should be

used for a Phillips-head screw if a Phillips-head screwdriver isn’t available. Which of the following

statements is correct?

A. Neither

B. Only Technician A

C. Both

D. Only Technician B


17. Which of the following is not a cause of a start-up or boot failure on your PC?

A. Monitor resolution set improperly

B. Loose cable

C. Power supply failure

D. Missing or damaged initialization files

18. New Technology File System or NTFS is the

A. method used by DOS to store basic file commands.

B. replacement to the Original Technology File System or OTFS.

C. Windows standard for desktop file and folder arrangements.

D. file system that the Windows NT operating system uses for storing and retrieving files on a hard disk.

End of exam

19. What is the minimum amount of RAM needed to run Windows XP?

A. 1.5 gigabytes

B. 64 megabytes

C. 46 K

D. 32 K

20. Currently, the preferred method for addressing a defective part is to

A. replace the part with a new part.

B. degauss all ports.

C. troubleshoot to motherboard level.

D. send the part to the manufacturer

so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer.

1. In today’s PC environment, you’re most likely to find floppy drives on

A. legacy or older computers.

B. stand alone networked terminals.

C. smartphones.

D. Kindles and IPADs.

2. Which of the following tasks is not performed by the operating system (OS) of a PC?

A. Formats graphics for Web sites

B. Manages memory

C. Controls input and output devices

D. Prioritizes system requests

3. In Windows 7/Vista, the information that establishes basic settings such as the location of the operating

system and other key startup parameters is located in the

A. Boot Manager (BOOTMGR) file.

B. Boot Configuration Database (BCD).

C. Partition Boot Record (PBR).

D. Boot Initialization (BOOT.INI) file.

4. Utilities software and word processing software are both examples of which of the following?

A. Printer software

B. Desktop publishing software

C. Network software

D. Application software

5. What does BIOS stand for?

A. Basic integrated operating system

B. Basic input/output system

C. Binary instruction override system

D. Backup information only system

6. What does NIC stand for?

A. Network information configuration

B. Network interface cache

C. Network information card

D. Network interface card

7. Which of the following best describes the ink-jet printer?

A. Similar in operation to a dot matrix printer and offers both high quality and affordability

B. Similar in operation to electric or manual typewriters

C. Works the same as a laser printer but uses light-emitting diodes

D. Uses expensive, heat-sensitive paper, is inflexible, and yields a low-quality output

8. The XP boot process was speeded up by which technological innovation?

A. By running boot functions in parallel

B. By locating the BOOT.INI file in its own directory

C. Hardware designed to use higher voltage while running boot routines

D. Microsoft mandated use of dedicated video RAM

9. Which of the following would be the best Internet connection for a person living in a isolated area?


B. Fiber Optic

C. Satellite

D. Cable modem

10. Power supplies in modern computers supply _______ volts.

A. 3.3, 6, and 12

B. 3.3, 5, and 12

C. 3.3, 5, and 6

D. 5, 6, and 12

11. An Internet Service Provider is a company that

A. diagnoses problems with your computer automatically.

B. requires proprietary software available only to paying customers.

C. keeps an inventory of all files on your hard drive.

D. acts as a utility to connect users to the Internet.

12. You should avoid trying to repair a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor because

A. you’ll void the warranty.

B. high voltages remain in the CRT and can deliver dangerous shocks.

C. the attached PC contains encrypted coding that will be lost.

D. wiring to the PC might short out.

13. Which one of these devices is considered an input device?

A. Monitor

B. Scanner

C. Printer

D. Plotter

14. What type of mouse is becoming the most preferred?

A. Roller ball

B. Optical

C. Mechanical

D. Wheeled

15. Two PC repair technicians are discussing the electrical system of a PC. Technician A says that the

power supply provides electricity to all the devices in a PC. Technician B says that the power supply

supplies 3.3, 5, and 12 volts of AC power. Which technician is correct?

A. Only Technician A

B. Neither

C. Only Technician B

D. Both

16. Which piece of hardware is the computer’s main secondary storage device?

A. Memory address

B. Scanner

C. Monitor

D. Hard drive

17. What operating system uses Fastboot?

A. Windows 7

B. Vista

C. Windows XP

D. Unix

18. All data must be copied into _______ before the CPU can read them.

A. cache




19. _______ allow the CPU to communicate with external devices or a network.

A. Front ports

B. Alternative slots

C. Expansion cards

D. Portable wires

End of exam

20. The wireless mouse works by

A. Bluetooth connectivity to the CPU

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